A novel technique using an adjustable-loop cortical suspension toggle device for reduction of a fibular head avulsion fracture (arcuate fracture) in posterolateral corner (PLC) reconstruction is described. Results of clinical follow-up are presented.
9 patients were retrospectively identified who underwent posterolateral corner reconstruction using an adjustable-loop cortical suspension toggle device. Radiographic examination was used to evaluate the successful healing of the avulsed fibular head fragments post-operatively.
7 patients reported satisfactory results with their clinical outcome with no feelings of knee instability or objective instability on exam at final follow-up. Post-operative radiographs obtained > 6 months following reconstruction demonstrated well reduced and healed fracture in 5 of 6 patients, with 1 patient demonstrating maintained reduction but incomplete fracture union at 6 months.
This novel surgical technique for PLC reconstruction with an avulsed fibular head fracture is a viable alternative to previously described methods. The majority of patients report subjective satisfaction with a stable knee post-operatively.

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