Older adults are the fastest growing subset of the population and residency training in the basic concepts of care to the older adult is limited. We created a 1-day interactive training program, Advanced Geriatric Evaluation Skills (AGES), to upskill first-year primary care residents in the care of older adults.
An interprofessional faculty team developed and taught the IRB-approved course to a convenience sample of family medicine and internal medicine interns in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Topics addressed common geriatric presentations seen in the outpatient setting. The faculty provided useful tips and hints for successful workup, diagnosis, and treatment.
Over the 3 years, 56 of the 135 (41%) first-year primary care residents participated. Residents reported that the course was well organized, relevant, and well taught, and they appreciated the dedicated time to focus on caring for older adults. During 2019, residents completed a pre- and posttest with 25 multiple-choice questions. The average score on the pretest was 76% and the average on the posttest was 88%. Ninety percent of the residents improved their score from the pre- to the posttest.
The development of an AGES program provided a structured geriatric didactic curriculum for primary care residents. The course was well received by the residents, was reported to be relevant and timely, and resulted in increased knowledge in the care of older adults in the outpatient setting.