The treatment of cancer is not very effective. This is because of the reason that there are different types of cancer that have surfaced in recent years and hence it is becoming difficult for the doctors to develop a different treatment for different types of cancer. However, they make every possible effort to ensure that the people are provided the best possible treatment by the combination of the existing treatment and medications which are already available. Therefore, many patients depend on hepatocellular carcinoma disease. Hence, for ensuring their survival in the best possible manner, an attempt is made by them, to ensure that they are treated with SBRT. usually, the patients with an early degree of this disease have a high rate of dependence on SBRT. this amounted to nearly 94 percent. However, the patients who are having the second and the middle stage fo this deadly cancer disease, the efficiency of SBRT in curing the same is around 74 percent, this shows that the effectiveness of this medicine is more for the early birds as compared to the ones who have already excelled in the level of cancer which is propelling under them. Therefore, new research for increasing the effectiveness of the disease is very important

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