At this moment differential diagnostic of the prostate cancer (PC) needs the new, more effective ways with regard of multifactor analysis. One of this factor is patient’s age. Men older than 45 years old have expressed involution changes of prostate tissues. This fact must be take into account in valuation morphologic and laboratory criteria’s in PC. The goal of the investigation is to take into account age-related changes of the prostate volume and laboratory criteria of blood analysis in PC. 632 patients in age from 42 to 88 years old were exanimated by trans rectal ultrasound examination (TRUS) method (volume parameters of the prostate) and by levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and (-2) pro-PSA in blood. The increase of patient’s age correlated with increase of the density of transient, peripheral and central zones of prostate. It correlates with the probability of the frequency of PC verification. Levels of PSA and 2-pro-PSA in blood of PC patients increase during the transition from middle to elderly age in 1,4-2,8 times. Thus the information, which was obtained during the examination of volume prostate characteristics by TRUS method and laboratory diagnostic of PC, must take to account patient’s age.