Pandemics like the novel Coronavirus have shook the consciousness of the world for the worse. This virus has transmitted itself across the borders to such an extent that there is no scope of looking back. This has affected every single country of this world in a very unique and different way. The difference in these affects, the virus has left across the countries, have prompted the scientists to initiate an ecological research. This research has provided this world with some interesting conclusions and facts. These include that there is a lesser degree of possibility for this coronavirus to spread in the tropical and warm areas.

One of the factors which the scientists discovered was the factor of the age. This means that due to the different aging patterns across the world, the effect of coronavirus is changing from country to country.  In addition, the countries having a greater percentage of working population are likely to experience a relatively slow spread of coronavirus as compared to those countries wherein the dependent population is more. The research has also revealed that the old people are more vulnerable to attract the severe version of this virus. Therefore, the research concluded on the fact that countries with a greater life expectancy are likely to be more affected by this virus as compared to the ones which are having a lower expectancy of life.

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