The Particulars: Research shows that chronic asthma and cardiovascular disease (CVD) share a common inflammatory pathophysiology. However, few studies have explored the potential association between persistent asthma—defined as requiring daily controller medications—and an increased risk of CVD.

Data Breakdown: Researchers compared the rates of CVD over 9 years among patients with persistent asthma, intermittent asthma, or no asthma for a study. Among those with persistent asthma, 84.1% were alive and free from CVD, compared with a 91.1% rate for those with intermittent asthma and a 90.2% rate for those without asthma. Patients with persistent asthma had about a 60.0% higher risk of CVD events that those without asthma.

Take Home Pearl: There appears to be a strong association between persistent asthma and risk for CVD.