The Particulars: Young people account for a disproportionate share of new HIV infections, according to previous research. However, data are lacking on trends in sexual risk behaviors among United States high school students.

Data Breakdown: An analysis was conducted of the CDC’s National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a nationally representative group of U.S. high school students that is conducted annually, between 1991 and 2013. Since 2005, the proportion of sexually experienced participants who had ever been tested for HIV remained stable at just 22%. Female and African-American students were more likely than male, Caucasian, and Hispanic students to be tested for HIV. However, risks for HIV remained higher for African-American students than for Caucasian or Hispanic students.

Take Home Pearls: Only one in five sexually experienced U.S. students appear to have ever been tested for HIV. Testing and risk for HIV appears to differ by race and gender.