The analysis of experiments and clinical data about research of neurobiological effects of chinese herbal medicine, which is used by Alzheimer`s disease treatment, was presented in given overview. The rats with injection of Aβ1-42 or Aβ25-35 peptides, or ibotenic acid, or streptozotocin as well as the natural line of mice SAMP8 with the phenotype of accelerated aging and other were used as the experimental models of Alzheimer`s disease. Various neurobiological effects of various herbal decoctions in the cells of hippocampus were demonstrated – the inhibition of amyloid β peptides aggregation, increasing of neurons quantity with normal morphology and decreasing of apoptotic cells, decreasing of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) production, decreasing of reactive expression level of RAGE and increasing reactive expression level of LRP-1, decreasing of tau protein phosphorylation at Thr231 and Ser422, inhibition of expression of GSK-3β and CDK-5, decreasing of activation and inflammation of microglia, production of 15 types of N-glycans in the cerebral cortex layers, which are absent in experimental animals. The improvement of memorization and training abilities was established.