There has been an increasing amount of evidence to support the plea that the proprotein PCSK9 is able to function as a chaperone for conducting the epithelial sodium channel. This channel becomes functional in the cortical collecting duct which is responsible for the fulfillment of various functions which are important from the perspective of the well-being of the liver. This plays a vital role in controlling the pathogenesis of hypercholesterolemia. There have been instances to quote wherein an increased amount of PCSK9 expression was in the position to occur in the normal kidney and intestine. There have been significantly elevated serum problems which have been reported in such kind of people. There has been researching conducted in a population of 542 people, wherein it was discovered that such enzymes and proteins are lost during sich critical phases and hence, are the increased chances of the reported decline of 8-10 percent in the normal quantity of the body. These are also linked with nephrotic syndrome and until now, there has been a surge in these cases by upto 58 percent. Hence, care must be taken and every possible attempt must be made to save them.

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