Torus palatinus (TP) is a slow growing maxillary exostosis, commonly found in the in the hard palate on either side of the median raphe of the palatine bone. Its aetiology is still unclear, but it has been attributed to genetic events and environmental agents, with a slight predilection for the female gender.
The aim of this case report was to describe an unusual presentation of nodular TP in younger female patient, with medical history of hysterectomy when she was 25 years old. The TP manifested insidious progression that affected functional activities such as eating, swallowing and normal pronunciation. Furthermore, we describe our experience during pre-planning the surgery by using 3D-scan-printing, and the conservative surgical approach performed.
TP may be associated with epidemiological, environmental and systemic disorders of patients suffering from this condition. Conservative surgical removal continues to be the first choice treatment when the TP must be removed. Further studies are considered necessary to elucidate the etiological factors.

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