This novel coronavirus outbreak has affected the lives of millions of people. An integrated provincial health system situated in Saskatchewan of Western Canada has been providing their services to a population of 1.2 million people in an area of over 651,900 km2. This infection has not only made people vulnerable physically, but at the same time it has affected them mentally. As per the model of Bruni and colleagues the authorities have also decided to use hotels as alternative sites of care. As patients constantly feel being deprived of their mental space and liberty. When the person falls sick, in addition to the medicines, what works the most for him or her, is the love and care of his or her family. However, when it comes to the persons who are infected by this virus, they are kept aloof from their families and loved ones to prevent the spread of the virus. Despite being physically distanced,patients who are being identified in COVID-19 centers and/or emergency rooms can also enter intermediate care. Until now, authorities had a total of 962 cases with 15 deaths and had a successful reproductive number of a ratio of approximately 2.3. This is the biggest advantage of telemedicine until now.

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