Research has found that, instead of passive lipid-accumulated vascular damage, atherosclerosis which is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) can be seen as an active inflammatory cycle and that inflammation has a central role in the entire atherosclerotic process. As an inflammatory marker, serum C-reactive protein (CRP)/albumin ratio (CAR) may link to ED and ED severity. The CAR, demographic features and other criteria of 198 patients with ED who visited our outpatient clinic during March 2019-April 2020 were prospectively evaluated. The research also included healthy control subjects without systemic or infectious diseases. The mean difference of CAR between ED and no ED was statistically significant (0.55 ± 0.27 and 0.79 ± 0.49, p = .002 respectively). On the basis of the ROC analysis, CAR has a good ED diagnostic value with an area under the curve (AUC) of 0.63 (95% CI:0.541-0.714) and better diagnostic performance to distinguish ED severity (AUC:0.73, 95% CI:0.620-0.842). Additionally, mean CAR gradually increased with increasing severity of ED (for all p < .001). The CAR has been described as an independent ED indicator in the multivariate analysis (p = .001OR = 8.934; 95% CI:2.449-32.583). Increased CAR is associated with ED severity and increased ED risk. For CAR predicting ED and ED severity, a considerable cut-off point was identified.
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