Multiple kidney disorders are often diagnosed with real-time ultrasound-guided renal biopsy. However, since it is an invasive technique with higher chances of consequences like bleeding, a useful simulation model is preferred. Using cooked eggs as a model, researchers created a straightforward simulation tool for ultrasound-guided kidney biopsy.

A renal biopsy simulation was carried out using a real-time ultrasound-guided approach on boiled chicken eggs implanted in agar by trainees and biopsy-experienced nephrologists. First, the participants’ input was gathered. According to the ultrasonographic analysis, the renal cortex and medulla area were convincingly mirrored by the contrast between egg white and yolk. In addition, they watched the needle penetrate the egg white under the microscope and got an egg white-only biopsy core.

Regarding the simulations, every participant was successful in getting the right samples. About 92% of the trainees in total felt that the simulation might help them feel less anxious about taking kidney biopsies from patients. Additionally, before performing kidney biopsies on patients, all trainees and biopsy-skilled nephrologists advise utilizing the simulator for trainees. The simulator was inexpensive overall (<USD 1/simulator).

The simulation approach that used boiled eggs as a whole provided a promising option for realistic simulation models of renal biopsies.