A 75-year-old male patient was hospitalized in hoarseness for 2 months. Laryngoscopy showed a mass protruding in right laryngeal chamber and covering the middle part of right vocal cord. Since tumor biopsy showed low differentiation cancer, he received total laryngectomy, and post-operative pathological result found composite carcinoma, which containing medium differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (about 5%) and low differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (about 95%). The growth status of tumor indicated it was collision carcinoma. After postoperative regular radiotherapy, no recurrence was found at 6 months of follow-up. The incidence of head and neck collision carcinoma is quite low, and the majority of them occurs in thyroid, which is rare in larynx. The confirmed diagnosis of larynx collision carcinoma is based on postoperative pathological study. The choice of treatment for collision cancer is closely related to the pathological components, the location of the disease and whether there is distant metastasis.
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