There has been an increase in the incidence of the occurrence of diabetes in people these days. This is because of the reasons which are practically out of control. These reasons basically include the changes in eating patterns and lifestyle patterns. Therefore, due to these reasons, there has been an increase in the rate of diabetes amongst the people. There is also an increase in the rate of the people who are getting affected by the type 2 diabetes. Therefore, what matters the most for them is to assure that the people are in the best possible manner assessed. Therefore, a study was conducted in order to measure the height ad weight of the people in order to understand how these variables are affected by the prevalence of diabetes amongst the people. The results have been able to showcase how there exists a positive relationship between the two of them and hence, it was discovered that out of 5 lakh people. Nearly the average height for 151 cm. The average weight was around 59 kgs. This showed that there is no relation between height and diabetes. The height and weight of the person are solely dependent on external factors.

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