In order to find out the bioelectrical signal discriminative features of different acupoints at the same time and at the same acupoint, and then analyze these differences to determine the type of acupuncture points and assist in judging the patient’s condition, a hardware system was designed that can collect subcutaneous potential information of acupoints. Then, the changes of ultrasonic images were analyzed after acupuncture at Zu San Li, as well as the influence of acupuncture at Zu San Li on vagal nerve activity. The hardware system is composed of four parts: an analog circuit module, a digital circuit module, a power module, and a PC host computer. The power module adopted dual-module power supply mode, which was composed of MC78M05CT and LM2576 and their related peripheral circuits to ensure the stability of the circuit. The analog circuit module collected the electrical signals from the two acupoints of Zu San Li and Shang Ju Xu of the volunteers’ calves through a multistage electrode probe. In the amplifier module, Butterworth filter and 50HZ notch are used to reduce the noise of electrical signals. The filtered and amplified electrical signals are converted into A/D converter in the digital circuit module. Serial communication is used to transmit data to the upper computer of PC to compare the noise reduction effect of acupoint information, multiple sequences of different acupoints and multiple sequences of the same acupoint. Finally, the influence of acupuncture at Zu San Li acupoint on the muscle tension around the acupoint was investigated by shear wave acoustic elastic imaging technology. Meanwhile, the influence of acupuncture at this acupoint was explored on vagal nerve activity. The results show that the wavelet noise reduction method can greatly filter out the interference signals. In the case of artificial stimulation, the signal waveform of each twist shows a big increase, and the comparison shows that there is no significant change in the frequency of other bands. Through ultrasonic image evaluation, it was found that acupuncture at Zu San Li can significantly affect the mean value of Young’s modulus. After acupuncture at Zu San Li, the vagal activity was increased and the balance ratio of sympathetic vagal activity was reduced. Part of the potential frequency of the acupoint is extremely active, which is the response potential of the subcutaneous induction tissue at the acupoint, which proved the feasibility of collecting electrical signals around the acupoints in this kind of hardware system. It is of great significance to diagnose the disease according to the characteristics of acupoint electrical signals.
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