Omalizumab (OMA) is profoundly compelling for enhancing the care which is required for prompting the healthcare of the people, however, its significant expense applies an incredible monetary weight on patients and society. Current information is missing in regards to the financial effect of long‐term organization of OMA on patients with CSU in the real‐world setting. We reflectively explored drug costs pertinent to CSU treatment during the period before through to a year in the wake of beginning OMA in real clinical practice. This investigation included 32 patients who got at any rate two infusions of OMA (300 mg/a month) and accomplished great reactions of urticaria control test score of at least 12 and additionally week by week urticaria movement score of 6 or less inside 12 weeks. The medication cost decrease was additionally seen in patients pretreated with escalated multi‐agents, because of end of costly immunosuppressants. Taking everything into account, the presentation of OMA fundamentally expanded the absolute medication costs pertinent to CSU the board, however the costs diminished to half in a year, alongside dose‐reduced and interval‐extended OMA and ended attending drugs in patients with CSU who reacted well to OMA.

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