The study aims that finding the association between the risk of perinatal death and the interpregnancy interval. The study aims that focusing on intervals (IPI) that were less than six months between two pregnancies.

The study used international literature reviews to understand the association. Two reviewers conducted screening of abstracts and titles found in Scopus, MEDLINE, and Embase from the beginning of the database to 4th April 2019. They chose studies with data about IPI, perinatal death (stillbirth and neonatal death).

624 articles were found, and only 26 met the criteria. The subjects with previous live birth and perinatal death during IPI less than 6 months have 1.34 unadjusted odds ratio. It was 0.85 for subjects with previous miscarriage, and in case of the previous stillbirth with more than 6 months IPI, it was 1.07. After adjustment, it was found that there is an association between the factors in a few high-income countries. The impact of longer IPI on perinatal death is unknown due to fewer studies and mixed results.

The study shows that short IPI can increase perinatal death risk when following a previous live birth. It is particularly significant in countries with low-to-middle income.