For hospitals grappling with the question of whether it’s time to find a new anesthesia provider, a white paper published July 12 by Somnia Anesthesia highlights the “best practices” for those looking to make the switch. The paper also reviews signs that indicate a change may be due and explores how to identify and bring a new anesthesia provider onboard.

“Healthcare reform is prompting many hospital administrators to focus on reducing costs, improving quality, and increasing efficiency in the operating room,” said Somnia executive VP and CMO Robert C. Goldstein, MD. “The result is that many facilities are taking a closer look at their anesthesia provider and are contemplating making a change.”

Titled “Best Practices for Anesthesia Onboarding and Change Management,” the white paper provides five strategies for making a successful transition to a new provider:

1. Involve stakeholders including a wide range of clinical and non-clinical staff.

2. Identify desired outcomes.

3. Assess clinical, administrative and financial risks.

4. Establish clinical quality and business-related benchmarks.

5. Communicate the change effectively.

When looking to improve upon an anesthesia program, hospital administrators should seek out providers who embrace transparency, provide complete clinical and operational support, and have a clear understanding of the clinical and regulatory environment pertaining to anesthesia,” according to the authors.

Download Somnia Anesthesia white paper

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