The pandemic of the COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions of people in this world. There has been an increasing danger to be faced by the people in terms of health and wealth. This is because of the reason that the people are provided with no hope up till now, for the sole reason that there has been no development of a vaccine to cure the deadly disease. Therefore, an attempt is made to utilize the existing type of medicines which can play an important role in curing the people in the best possible manner. Therefore, an attempt is made to find out the alternatives which will be playing an important role in curing the novel coronavirus. The antigen therapies like TNFare really essential in curing the organs of the patients in the best possible manner. The concept of blocking cytokines as a therapy for COVID-19 is not new. Anti IL 7 receptor therapy has been provided with the limelight so that the doctors can use this treatment over the members. The phase 2 trial of the population which was comprising 8742 patients have been able to show positive research and had also demonstrated the results which include amyloid A. These have demonstrated positive results and have shown that there is an efficiency rate of 42 percent when such treatments are relied upon.

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