Regenerating protein 3a (Reg3a) is a trophic factor that functions as a stimulus in cell proliferation and neogenesis. Previous studies showed that Reg3a is ectopically upregulated in a majority of colorectal cancers (CRC) and detectable in the serum.
Single-chain variable fragment targeting Reg3a (scFv-Reg3a) was screened from a phage library. The bioactivity of recombinant Reg3a (rReg3a) and scFv-Reg3a were tested in LoVo and RKO cell lines using MTT, flow cytometry, wound healing and transwell analyses. Whether scFv-Reg3a inhibits tumor growth and enhances 5-fluorouracil (5-FU)-caused cell death were further examined in LoVo cell-transplanted nude BALB/c mice.
A scFv-Reg3a from clone C2 was obtained and its binding affinity (KD) to rReg3a was determined to be 4.44 × 10-10. In cultured LoVo and RKO cells, rReg3a promoted but scFv-Reg3a inhibited cell proliferation, survival, migration and invasion. In LoVo cell-xenografted nude mice, administration of rReg3a accelerated tumor growth while scFv-Reg3a suppressed cell proliferation and reinforced 5-FU-induced cell death.
The newly developed scFv-Reg3a is an anti-cancer agent which is potent to suppress CRC cell proliferation and survival. The use of scFv-Reg3a could enhance the effectiveness of 5-FU-based chemotherapy in the cancerous treatment.

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