The youth these days are grappling with various problems. These problems are often associated with ensuring that people require the care and attention in their lives. Therefore, the loneliness in increasing in their lives to such an extent that the youth is now getting attracted to the escapes which include an attempt to commit suicide, or maybe an attempt to get addicted to drugs. Therefore, they are suffering from the problem which is commonly called obsessive-compulsive disorder.  These disorders have been the root cause of anxiety disorders. Therefore, their tolerability does not differ between the two steads. They have to be treated with the help of love and care to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, what matters the most, in such situations is to ensure that these people are provided with the best possible treatment and an attempt is made to ensure that the people are provided with the care and the abundance they require to live a healthy and rich life. Parents should try to spend more time with their children and ensure that their children do not feel alone.

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