Newly developed vaccine strains to prevent foot-and-mouth disease caused by the emerging serotype Asia1 virus were evaluated. To protect against the group (G)-VIII strain, which occurred recently, we produced an infectious cDNA clone of Asia1 Shamir cDNA (Asia1 Shamir-R). In addition, by adding a site 1 epitope of VP1 of the G-VIII lineage virus to this virus, we produced a new virus (Sham GVIII- EPI), and another virus(Sham GVIII-VP1) was replaced with that of G-VIII lineage in the VP1 region of Shamir. Test vaccines were produced using these three types of vaccine virus, and their immunogenicity and protection capabilities were evaluated in mice. Immunized mice were challenged with the Asia1 Shamir or G-VIII virus, and the results show that all the vaccines have similar protective effects. As they showed similar antigenicity, we chose the Shamir-R vaccine. Pigs maintained relatively high neutralizing antibody levels against homologous viruses of the Shamir and G-VII or G-VIII lineage three to four weeks after immunization. However, they formed relatively low levels of antibodies to G-IV and G-V viruses. In conclusion, we produced a vaccine candidate capable of protection against the G-VIII virus in the vaccine experiment for the type Asia1 serotype vaccine. This Shamir-R vaccine virus was found to protect against the viruses of the Asia1 genotype G-VII and G-VIII lineages, which occurred recently in Asia.
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