The expression of the C terminal APOL 1 variant G1 and G2 are strongly linked with the incidence and occurrence of chronic kidney diseases. There have been many recent studies that have been conducted in order to understand the recent analysis of podocytes which are engineered by the help of genetic technology and at the same time, are used for expressing either C-Terminal emphasis. There have been other sources of evidence wherein it has been revealed that the APOL3 and APOL 1 are pretty useful for securing the health of the patients in the best possible manner. These studies have revealed that there is an increase of 8-10  percent after the patients have resorted to this category of treatment. In addition, there has been an increasing amount of incidence wherein the recovery rate of patients using these drugs has increased beyond the existing 45 percent. Therefore, science is able to develop the future prospects of this disease in the best possible manner and hence, at the same point in time are able to measure that the people are provided with the care and support they need to cure themselves.

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