In recent years, the Internet of Things technology has flourished, and there have been corresponding practical results in various fields. In medical care, the introduction of Internet of Things technology must also be a new trend in the development of hospital informatization, and it is the development stage of the digital medical process. The traditional infusion system shows that the infusion bottle is not replaced in time, the infusion waiting time is too long, the infusion efficiency is too low, and the existing medical staff is far from meeting the needs of the huge infusion population. Therefore, this article proposes a technology based on the Internet of Things application of the infusion control system in joint orthopedics nursing work to improve the efficiency of infusion in nursing work. This article deeply learns and uses the Internet of Things technology to build a new infusion management and control system, which is applied to joint orthopedics nursing treatment. This paper designs the application research experiment of the infusion control system. Through the Internet of Things technology, the relevant data in the infusion process are uploaded and sent to the network center of the hospital. Nursing staff can directly see the infusion situation directly through the computer console. This article compares and analyzes two different infusion systems and draws conclusions. The infusion ringing rate of the control group was 81.3%, and the infusion ringing rate of the IoT group was 29.8%; the time for timely replacement of the infusion bottle after IoT data control was 13.89 min, compared to 19.76 min before. A variety of data results show that the infusion management and control system based on the Internet of Things technology has played a great role in joint orthopedics care, which can greatly improve the efficiency of infusion, replace the infusion or deal with failures in time for patients, and improve patient satisfaction.
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