The aim of this study is To evaluate the association between thyroid autoimmunity and psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety, eating disorder, schizophrenia or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) among adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes (11-25 years). We compared 9368 type 1 diabetes patients with thyroid autoimmunity (3789 of them treated with levothyroxine) with 62 438 type 1 diabetes patients without any thyroid disease from a multicentre diabetes patient follow-up registry (DPV) in terms of psychiatric disorders. Thyroid autoimmunity was defined as documented diagnosis of Hashimoto thyroiditis or positive antibodies against thyroid peroxidase or thyroglobulin. Multivariable logistic regression models were used to calculate odds ratios for the respective psychiatric disorders in type 1 diabetes patients with thyroid autoimmunity (overall and stratified by levothyroxine therapy) compared to type 1 diabetes patients without thyroid diseases (reference). Of the 9368 patients with thyroid autoimmunity, 62% were female with a median (Q1-Q3) age of 16.3 (14.2-17.6) years. Thyroid autoimmunity (with or without levothyroxine therapy) revealed a slight, but significant higher chance for depression.

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