Infection after fracture fixation (IAFF) is one of the most challenging issues for the lower-middle class socioeconomic. It is also related to unsatisfactory outcome of the treatment. Arthroscopy usually used to treat joint disease, but the evidence of arthroscopic management in IAFF is still limited.
We present a case of 54-year-old female with IAFF of the ankle. An arthroscopic debridement and soft tissue release procedure were performed in this patient in one stage because the irrigation and debridement were sufficient. It showed a good result good functional outcome.
The aims of IAFF treatment are to eradicate the infection, promote healing of soft tissue, prevent osteomyelitis, restore the joint function, and fracture consolidation. Arthroscopy in IAFF has been found to be safe and effective. In this case, arthroscopy was done in one stage because the debridement and irrigation were sufficient while the delay of the release would result in further pain and morbidity for the patient.
Arthroscopic debridement with simultaneous release of impingement and stiffness is a novel, safe, and promising option in to eliminate both IAFF and its further complications of the ankle region.

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