To date, numerous studies are documenting the prevalence of frontal recess cells, but only 1 study using the newly developed International Frontal Sinus Anatomical Classification (IFAC) system. Identifying the frontal cells and their influence on the frontal drainage pathway plays an essential role in endoscopic frontal sinus surgery.

This study aims to document the radiological prevalence of various frontal cells, classified by IFAC and the most common frontal sinus drainage pathways, based on their anatomic relationships with these cells.

The study was performed using a novel preoperative virtual planning software, consecutive computerized tomography scans of patients’ sinuses. The obtained results were analyzed for the prevalence of frontal cells classified by the IFAC and the frontal sinus drainage pathways at the Ear Nose Throat Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The researchers included two hundred eight computed tomography scans of consecutively selected frontal sinuses of 114 patients. The agger nasi cell was present in 95.7% of reviewed scans. In cases with two frontal cells, the drainage pathway was medial to SAC/SAFC and anterior to SBC/SBFC in most cases.

This study concluded by providing documents on the prevalence of frontal cells using a novel preoperative virtual planning software in the Vietnamese population. It demonstrates predominantly medial anteromedial frontal drainage pathways as related to these frontal cells.