This study assessed some important physiological biomarkers of freshwater edible fish Cyprinus carpio following exposure to 10% (T1) and 20% (T2) sublethal concentrations of Alpha-cypermethrin (A-cyp) over a total period of 45 days. Behavioral responses were noticed and Kaplan-Meier survival curves were prepared during acute toxicity study. Total serum protein concentration, total erythrocyte count, hemoglobin, packed cell volume, mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, and total leukocytes count were decreased significantly (p < 0.05), while the blood glucose, total serum lipid concentration, and clotting time were increased significantly (p < 0.05) over control. The most affected fish group and most significantly altered biomarker under toxic stress of A-cyp were identified using integrated biomarker response (IBR). The biomarker response index (BRI) values measured the overall health status of the treated fish and indicated that moderate adverse effects were exerted on the fish group exposed to T2 for 45 days.
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