To assess the quality and accuracy of glaucoma referrals from ophthalmologist.
Retrospective review of patients chart with referral letter to a tertiary glaucoma center between January and December 2017. Patients aged <16 years, lens-induced glaucoma, uveitic glaucoma, and glaucoma following retinal and corneal surgery were excluded.
A total of 184 patients referred by 55 ophthalmologists were included. Mean patient age (SD) was 57.8 ± 14 years. Intraocular pressure was not documented in the referral letter in 113 (61%) patients, gonioscopy in 174 (95%) patients, disc findings in 149 (81%) patients, and visual fields in 175 (95%) patients. Thirteen (37%) of the 35 patients referred as open angle glaucoma were found to have angle closure glaucoma. Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma was diagnosed in 29 (16%) patients, of which 18 were missed by the referring ophthalmologist.
In our study >90% of referral letter did not have the essential parameters. A standard template for glaucoma referral is suggested, which will help the patient to get better transfer of care.