In the present work, the extensive biological activities of marine endophytic Streptomyces strains isolated from marine soft coral Sarcophyton convolutum have been demonstrated. Within fifty-one Streptomyces isolates evaluated for their hydrolytic enzymes and enzyme inhibitors productivities, six isolates showed the hyperactivities. Pharmaceutical metabolites productivities evaluated include enzymes (alkaline protease, L-asparaginase, L-glutaminase, tyrosinase, and L-methioninase) and enzyme inhibitors (inhibitors of α-amylase, hyaluronidase, β-lactamase, α-glucosidase, and β-glucosidase). These isolates were identified based on their morphological, biochemical, and genetic characteristics as Streptomyces sp. MORSY 17, Streptomyces sp. MORSY 22, Streptomyces sp. MORSY 25, Streptomyces sp. MORSY 36, Streptomyces sp. MORSY 45, and Streptomyces sp. MORSY 50. Moreover, in further evaluation, these strains exhibited wide spectrum of antimicrobial (against bacteria and fungi), antiviral (against hepatitis C virus), antibiofilm against biofilm-forming bacteria (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas species), and anti-proliferative activities (against liver and colon carcinoma cell lines). The GC-MS analysis of the hyperactive strains MORSY 17 and MORSY 22 revealed the presence of different bioactive agents in the ethyl acetate extract of both strains.
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