Some studies have recently demonstrated that HMGB1, as a proinflammatory mediator belonging to the alarmin family. Thus it depicts that it has a key role in different acute and chronic immune disorders. Asthma is a complex disease characterized by recurrent and reversible airflow obstruction associated with airway hyper-responsiveness and airway inflammation.

This particular literature review was done with the purpose to analyze advances in HMGB1 role, employment, and potential diagnostic application in asthma.

The researchers analyzed and then after careful analysis, they reviewed experimental studies that investigated the pathogenetic role of HMGB in bronchial airway hyper-responsiveness, inflammation, and the correlation between HMGB1 level and asthma.

19 studies in total were selected for assessing the association between HMGB1 and asthma.

The concept that emerged from this literature review was the confirmation of HMGB-1 involvement in diseases characterized by chronic inflammation, especially in pulmonary pathologies. The findings of this study suggest that a potential role of the alarmin in being a stadiation method and a marker of therapeutic efficacy; finally, inhibiting HMGB1 in humans in order to contrast inflammation should be the aim for future further studies.