To examine the relationship between the cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity as measured by Body mass index (BMI), body fat and blood pressure with the second to fourth digit ratio (2d:4d); a prenatal testosterone exposure marker.
The 2d:4d for both hands were measured for the Indian male subjects’ (n = 1217). Subject’s anthropometric parameters such as height, weight, skinfold thicknesses at various regions and blood pressure measurements were collected in a cross-sectional study with a convenient sampling approach. The association between digit ratio and the other variables were examined using analysis of variance, Pearson’s correlation test and linear regression methods.
The study included 1193 subjects and all were males aged 19.69 ± 5.38 years (range 13 to 40 years). The subjects’ body mass index (BMI) was 19.45 ± 3.82 and right and left hand 2d:4d were 0.958 ± 0.054, and 0.958 ± 0.061 respectively. The systolic blood pressure (SBP) and BMI significantly differed between the higher and lower half of right 2d:4d. The left hand 2d:4d was significantly correlated with SBP (r = 0.075, p = 0.028) and significantly differed between different hypertensive groups (p < 0.003, F = 3.552, df = 5).
The study observed an association between 2d:4d with hypertension and BMI among young Indian population, emphasizing the effect of prenatal testosterone on late life cardiovascular risk factor.

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