The study aims at understanding whether the use of female contraceptive methods heightens the risk of sexual dysfunction in females (FSD).

The researchers screened MEDLINE, PsychoINFO, and Cochrane Library databases for finding eligible studies on the sexual functioning of women.

12 studies (3 cohort studies, 7 cross-sectional studies, and one case-controlled study) were selected, with a total of 9,427 individuals. The participants’ mean age group was between 22.5 +/- 2.4 years and 36 +/- 1 year. FSFI score was the same between the two groups (with and without contraceptive). The findings showed no significant difference in the risk of FSD among subjects using contraceptives and no contraceptives. However, subjects’ sexual desire using contraceptives was significantly lower than in those who did not use contraceptives. The study could not find significant differences in pain, satisfaction, orgasm, lubrication, and sexual arousal.

The study showed no association between the use of contraceptives and sexual dysfunction risk in females. However, there is a significant decrease in sexual desire with the use of contraceptives. For an in-depth analysis, the researchers recommend a future study on this subject using a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized test.