The review has been examined so that it could find out Profoundly pathogenic avian flu A(H5N1) infection causes episodes in poultry and inconsistent contaminations in people around the world (1,2). H5N1 infection is endemic to poultry in a few nations in Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh, and causes major financial misfortune, just as human sickness and demise (1,3–5). During 2007–2018, Bangladesh detailed >550 exceptionally pathogenic avian flu flare-ups in poultry, 90% of which were accounted for from business poultry ranches (2). Since 2008, eight human H5N1 cases, including 1 passing, have been accounted for in Bangladesh; 3 of these cases were in live bird market (LBM) laborers apparently presented to tainted poultry in the LBM (1). Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and Cambodia have additionally revealed human instances of H5N1 contamination with a background marked by poultry openness in LBMs, proposing that LBMs can work with spread of H5N1 disease among poultry and from poultry to people.

Therefore we conclude that Bangladesh has countless LBMs in metropolitan zones in which numerous poultry species from lawn and business ranches are housed together available to be purchased.

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