To explore the association of cigarette smoking with retinal thickness and vascular structure in an elderly Chinese population.
This cross-sectional study enrolled employees and retirees aged over 50 years at Tianjin University of Sport from October 2020 to December 2020. Information on smoking status and lifestyle was obtained using a detailed questionnaire. All participants underwent full ophthalmic examination. OCTA image was acquired. Vascular and the thickness parameters in central fovea and peripapillary parameters were automatically calculated. Multiple linear regression analyses were utilized to assess the association of smoking with retinal thickness and vascular structure after controlling potential confounders.
Compared with non-smoking adults, current smokers (β=-36.78; P=0.01) and ever smokers (β=-35.45; P=0.00) tended to have thinner macular fovea. Cigarettes daily, pack-years of smoking and CSI were negatively related to macular thickness (cigarettes daily: β=-1.43; pack-years: β=-14.73; CSI: β=-14.70), while they were positively associated with the circumference (cigarettes daily: β=0.03; pack-years: β=0.30; CSI: β=0.31) and the area of FAZ (cigarettes daily: β=0.01; pack-years: β=0.07).
Cigarette smoking seems associated with decreased macular fovea thickness and elevated circumference and area of the FAZ compared to non-smokers. Our data add to evidence of smoking on retinal thickness and the microvascular system in the macular area.

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