The study aimed to determine that the paediatric idiopathic uveitis (PIU) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis is associated paediatric uveitis (JIA-PU) have an association with Toll-like receptor 10 (TLR10) gene polymorphisms in Han Chinese.

The results suggested that Increased frequencies of the rs2101521 A allele, rs10004195 A allele, rs11725309 CC genotype and rs6841698 AA genotype were found in PIU patients compared with controls (corrected p values (Pc)=1.81×10-4, Pc= 1.12×10-2, Pc=2.41×10-2 and Pc=3.29×10-3, respectively). There was no association between these 10 tag SNPs and JIA-PU. In the stratified analysis, the frequency of the rs6841698 A allele was higher in PIU patients with cataract (Pc=1.45×10-6). The frequencies of the rs2101521 A allele and rs6841698 AA genotype were increased in PIU patients with band keratopathy (BK) (Pc=2.32×10-2, Pc=3.30×10-3, respectively).

The study concluded that TLR10 gene polymorphisms (rs2101521, rs10004195, rs11725309 and rs6841698) do confer susceptibility to PIU in Han Chinese population. In a stratified analysis, rs2101521 and rs6841698 are associated with PIU with BK, and rs6841698 correlates with PIU with cataract.