New research is being presented at ATS 2013, the American Thoracic Society International Conference, from May 17-22 in Philadelphia.

Meeting Highlights

Identifying Depression Risk in COPD Patients

Sleep Apnea & Glucose Levels in Prediabetes

Improvements in Emphysema With Bronchoscopic Coil

Exploring the Analgesic–Asthma Link

Racial Disparities in NSCLC Surgery

Delayed ICU Transfer Increases Mortality Risk


News From the Meeting

“Big Tent” of Science, Medicine at ATS

Pedometers Lead to More Walking, Fewer Exacerbations in COPD

Exposure to Traffic Pollution Increases Asthma Severity in Pregnant Women

Women with Severe Injuries Are Less Likely than Men to Be Treated in a Trauma Center

Air Pollution and Noise Pollution Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Source of Infection Affects Hospital Mortality in Septic Shock Patients in the ICU

Stress Test May Help Predict Increased Mortality Risk in Sleep Apnea Patients

Study Finds that Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Are Linked

Prenatal Exposure to Traffic is Associated with Respiratory Infection in Young Children

Researchers Identify a Potential New Risk for Sleep Apnea: Asthma

Combined Wood and Tobacco Smoke Exposure Increases Risk and Symptoms of COPD

Ginger Compounds May Be Effective in Treating Asthma Symptoms

Metabolic Biomarkers can Predict Mortality in the ICU

Antibiotic Therapy Appears Beneficial for Patients with COPD

Asthma Symptoms Impair Sleep Quality and School Performance in Children

Study Shows COPD Is Associated with Significant and Persistent Pain

Exercise Levels May Predict Hospitalizations in COPD Population

Monoclonal Antibody Appears Effective and Safe in Asthma Phase IIa Trial

Treatment with an Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor Slows the Progression of Emphysema in Patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Race and Gender Influence Diagnosis of COPD

Low Radiation Scans Help Identify Cancer in Earliest Stages

Study Finds COPD Over-Diagnosed Among Uninsured Patients

Obstructive Sleep Apnea  Is Associated With Less Visceral Fat Accumulation in Women than Men


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