The Particulars: Maternal smoking often leads to more secondhand smoke exposure than other sources. Data are lacking on the link between mothers that smoke and measures of asthma morbidity in their children.

Data Breakdown: A survey looked at the presence of a maternal smoker in the home and the effect it has had on a child in the home. The presence of maternal smoking was associated with the following:


Characteristic Odds Ratio
The presence of an asthma ED visit with a year after an index date of service. 2.83
A history of “an episode or asthma or an asthma attack” within the past year. 2.04
Reports of “ever being diagnosed with asthma.” 1.57
The presence of short acting β-agonist dispensing within a year after an index date of service. 1.34

Take Home Pearl: Maternal smoking appears to be associated with multiple measures of asthma morbidity, including higher rates of asthma ED visits among children.