The Particulars: In previous research, various comorbidities and unfavorable conditions during the postoperative period have been associated with COPD. Few studies have assessed the association between subclinical airflow limitations (AL) and comorbidities.

Data Breakdown: More than 1,000 patients participating in a study were evaluated for how often they experienced preoperative pulmonary dysfunction among individuals with various diseases. Investigators also looked for any associations of pulmonary dysfunction with clinical parameters. Nearly 30% of patients had AL, which was independently associated with age and male gender. Patients with cardiovascular disorders had the highest frequency of AL. Hypertension was the only comorbidity that was significantly associated with AL. Patients with AL had significantly longer lengths of hospital stay than those without AL.

Take Home Pearl: Preoperative AL appears to be most common in patients with cardiovascular disorders and has been linked to a higher risk of postoperative complications and prolonged hospital stays.