Researchers conducted this study to determine attitudes towards family size and last pregnancies to improve family planning services in the Southeast Anatolian Project (SEAP) region.

A questionnaire survey in the nine SEAP regional provinces was carried out by researchers under the ‘SEAP Public Health Project’ from 2001 to 2002. The participants comprised 1756 women and 661 men from 1126 households. All the participants provided answers to the questionare. 

The participants were four men and women aged 15 years and over,, the median ideal number of children was three. The rate of unintended last pregnancies (43.1%) in the present study was very high compared to the national average of 18.8%. Some 30.1% of the previous pregnancies were unwanted by either partner.

The study concluded that the number of pregnancies and children in this region is approximately twice as high as the ideal number. Families in the area have more children than they want. Primary education must be given to women, particularly non-Turkish speakers, to improve their knowledge and use of family planning. Family planning education for men in rural areas also needs special attention.