A new, cost-effective endoscopic option is now available to urologists. Physicians can use the Flexor® Vue™ Deflecting Endoscopic System during urological procedures to access and visualize body cavities or organs.

The Flexor Vue is two products in one. The disposable, sterile sheath is used one time only, which decreases the risk of patient-to-patient contamination, and the visualization source is reusable up to 10 times if it is properly cared for.

Although not a replacement for an endoscope in every case, the Flexor Vue gives physicians the ability to manage a stone case with only Cook products. It can also be used in other kidney and bladder procedures. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when an elaborate cystoscopy or ureteroscopy is not required. And for some facilities, the Flexor Vue provides an opportunity for them to expand their procedural capabilities without incurring capital equipment costs.

“We believe the Flexor Vue will support physicians in many cases,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook’s Urology division. “The system ensures that they will not have to reschedule procedures because their scope breaks or isn’t sterile. The Flexor Vue is convenient, disposable and could improve patient safety by preventing patient-to-patient contamination.”

The Flexor Vue is now available in the United States and Europe. It will be launched in several other markets in the coming months.

Source: Cook Medical.