AUA 2013: Predicting Urethral Stricture Complications


The Particulars: The clinical factors associated with complications of urethral stricture, particularly at the time of presentation, have not been investigated in prior studies.

Data Breakdown: Among participants in a study who presented with anterior urethral stricture and were to undergo urethroplasty, 39% had a urethral stricture-related complication. A stricture length of 6 cm or longer and age older than 50 were factors associated with the greatest likelihood of complications. Men with strictures secondary to hypospadias had the highest complication rate (49%), followed by iatrogenic stricture (48%) and lichen sclerosis (37%).

Take Home Pearls: Among patients who present for urethroplasty with recurrent urethral stricture, older age and longer strictures appear to be factors predisposing patients for higher risks of complications.


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