Protein-glycan interactions mediate important biological processes, including pathogen host invasion and cellular communication. Major challenges to monitoring these low affinity interactions are the required high sensitivity of a biophysical assay and to cover a breath of synthetic well-defined structures. Here, we showcase an expedite approach that integrates automated glycan assembly (AGA) of 19 F labelled probes and high-throughput NMR methods, enabling the study of protein-glycan interactions. Synthetic Lewis type 2 antigens were screened against seven glycan binding proteins (GBPs), including DC-SIGN and BambL, respectively involved in HIV-1 and lung infections in immunocompromised patients, confirming the preference for fucosylated glycans (Le x , H type 2, Le y ). Previously unknown glycan-lectin weak interactions were detected, and thermodynamic data were obtained. Enzymatic reactions were monitored in real-time, delivering kinetic parameters. These results demonstrate the utility of AGA combined with 19 F NMR for the discovery and characterization of glycan-protein interactions, opening up new perspectives for 19 F labelled complex glycans.
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