The purpose of this study was to examine the seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) coverage rate as well as health-care workers’ (HCWs’) knowledge, attitudes, and practices about the SIV. A validated questionnaire was given randomly to HCWs in this multicenter cross-sectional research performed in the Qassim area of Saudi Arabia. Of the 523 answers from HCWs from various institutions, 282 were females, with the majority of respondents aged 30 to 39 years. Overall, 48.6 percent of participants had had SIV vaccinations on a regular basis, and 70 percent were eager to be vaccinated in the following season. The fact that HCWs had previously experienced mild influenza and that they were young and healthy were among the reasons for their non-adherence to the SIV. Respondents had a high level of belief in the SIV’s efficacy and awareness that the SIV should be provided annually. Less than half of respondents thought that vaccination safety concerns were the major impediment to health-care facilities delivering SIV to patients. The findings of our investigation revealed that HCWs in the Qassim area had poor SIV coverage.

Educational initiatives and campaigns about the danger of influenza infection, as well as providing appropriate information and emphasizing the necessity of HCW vaccination, are critical. It is critical for enhanced vaccination coverage to have easy access to and availability of SIV in each location. Health-care facilities should actively urge their employees to get flu shots on a regular basis, especially during flu season.