There are changes in the metabolism, reproductive and nervous systems with ageing, which have a systemic and interrelated nature. The purpose of this work was to demonstrate the effectiveness of audiovisual correction and therapy with testosterone drugs in addition to the standard therapy in patients with polymorbid pathology. 89 men aged 35-55 years old with diabetes mellitus, polymorbid cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety and depressive disorders were examined. They were divided into 3 groups depending on the treatment: the 1st – standard therapy and escitalopram / tofisopam; the 2nd – standard therapy + audiovisual correction; the 3rd – standard therapy + audiovisual correction + testosterone undecanoate. Laboratory examination was carried out in all patients before the start of treatment and 9 months after the treatment. The severity of androgen deficiency was determined using IIEF-5 questionnaire and the AMS male aging scale. In was shown a decrease in testosterone levels, signs of erectile dysfunction and symptoms of moderate to severe androgen deficiency, increased proatherogenic and decreased antiatherogenic lipoproteins, increased glucose, glycated hemoglobin, insulin, HOMA index in our study. In group of audiovisual correction we saw a more significant improvement in the lipid profile after treatment. Audiovisual correction and androgen therapy contributed to the improvement of erectile function indices and a decrease in the severity of the symptoms of ageing in men.