The pandemic caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus has kept the entire world in doldrums. It has not only affected the lives of the people but at the same time has made the people realize that they cannot take the world for granted, they cannot take mother nature for granted. This disease has claimed many lives worldwide. People have lost their loved ones. People die everyday, however such deaths have shook the consciousness of humanity. This is because of the reason that the people are dying because of coronavirus are cremated by the health staff and no family member is allowed to interact with them . No member of the family is allowed to offer condolences. Therefore, in such hard times wherein the people have already lost their loved ones, the further restriction of bidding them farewell for the last time, is hurting the sentiments of the people to a great extent. Therefore, the medical staff needs to be a bit empathetic towards the pain and grief of the family members who did not even get one last chance to say a goodbye to their members. This is extremely essential for the emotional and psychological well being of the people.