In low-income countries, Hepatitis E infection is a common cause of acute hepatitis. Only two recombinant vaccines (rHEV and HEV 239) have been developed against the Hepatitis E virus (HEV). Of which, HEV 239 is licensed in China but is not yet available in any other country.

This study aims to discuss epidemiology, diagnosis, available vaccines for HEV and provides an overview of 100 top-cited studies on HEV.

Researchers conducted a bibliometric analysis on the topic “HEV” through a systematic search of the Web of Science. The keywords used were “Hepatitis E,” and retrieved articles were assessed for several attributes.

The search returned a total of 3,235 publications, cited 95,858 times with an h-index 129. The main finding for the 100 top-cited articles on HEV showed: number of authors ranging from 1 to 23, cited references range from 4 to 304, global citations score per year range from 6.61 to 175, and international citations score range from 148 to 791. Of the 100 top-cited studies, the authors who published most articles are Purcell, Meng, and Emerson. The United States of America contributed the largest share of articles on HEV with 12,795 citations. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was the leading institute with the most significant number of publications, cited 3,950 times.

The studies conducted on HEV have increased over time. The information presented would be beneficial in decision-making for policymakers providing health care and academicians in providing a reference point for future research.