Comprehensive hematology and biochemistry RIs are currently lacking in the literature for young dairy calves based on sample sizes more than 120. Young dairy calves are at a relatively high risk of poor health and welfare outcomes. They have a high risk of morbidity and mortality in the first 2 weeks of life, and many are transported and fasted during this time. For example, non-replacement calves in Australia and New Zealand are usually 5-12 days old when transported to abattoirs, meaning that calves of this age group are potentially at risk of both health and welfare compromise. Given these factors, sound, comprehensive, age-specific biochemical and hematologic RIs are needed for both veterinary clinical practice and to inform research on calf health and welfare.
The aim of this study was to generate age-specific hematology and biochemistry RIs for dairy calves aged 5-12 days.
We collected blood samples from 141 fasted, healthy dairy calves on 10 Australian farms. Reference Value Advisor software was used to calculate nonparametric RIs for multiple biochemistry and hematology variables.
RIs for a panel of hematology and biochemistry variables in dairy calves aged 5-12 days old were derived.
These RIs will be useful for clinical veterinary practice, as well as for research on dairy calf health and welfare.

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