Lanthanum can reduce absorption of phosphate by forming lanthanum phosphate complexes after oral administration of lanthanum carbonate tablets (FOSRENOL®) in patients. Based on the pH-responsive interaction of phosphate and lanthanum ions, the chitosan coated siRNA-loaded lanthanum phosphate nanoparticles (CS/LaP/siRNA NPs) were prepared for improving cancer treatment, in which polysaccharide chitosan was used as the outer shell to control the excessive growth of lanthanum phosphate complexes, and enable intestinal mucoadhesion. The CS/LaP/siEGFR NPs exhibited significant biological activities in human colorectal cancer HT-29 cells by the synergistic effects of siEGFRs and lanthanum ions, such as downregulation of EGFR and upregulation of miR-34a. Furthermore, significant tumor growth inhibition was observed in both transgenic C57BL/6-Apc/Nju cancer mouse model and AOM/DSS chemically induced orthotopic colorectal cancer mouse model after intestinal instillation administration of CS/LaP/siEGFR NPs. Therefore, the lanthanum-based siRNA delivery system would provide a potential and efficient strategy for the treatment of colorectal cancers.
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